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UBC3V Dataset

UBC3V is a synthetic dataset for training and evaluation of single or multiview depth-based pose estimation techniques. The nature of the data is simila...

segmentation, multiview depth based pose estimation


The NBVbench is a reference object and benchmark criteria for defining and evaluating the performance of a next best view (NBV) method.

planning, 3d reconstruction, next best view, geometry

Multi-FoV - Large Field-of-...

The Multi-FoV synthetic datasets are two synthetic scenes (vehicle moving in a city, and flying robot hovering in a confined room). For each scene, thre...

synthetic, visual, odometry, fov, blender, camera, groundtruth

EuRoC MAV Dataset

This web page presents visual-inertial datasets collected on-board a Micro Aerial Vehicle (MAV). The datasets contain stereo images, synchronized IMU me...

slam, global shutter, indoor, aerial vehicles


We present a new large-scale dataset that contains a diverse set of stereo video sequences recorded in street scenes from 50 different cities, with high...

urban, stereo, cities, person, video, weakly, segmentation, pedestrian, detection, car, semantic

Virginia Tech and Arab Acad...

A New Color Image Database for Benchmarking of Face Detection Techniques and Human Skin Segmentation Techniques. A new color face image database for ...

face, segmentation, skin, detection, benchmarking

UT Zappos50K

UT Zappos50K (UT-Zap50K) is a large shoe dataset consisting of 50,025 catalog images collected from The images are divided into 4 major cate...

fine-grained, shoes, local learning, pairwise comparison, ranking, attributes

Desk3D (Cambridge University)

Instance recognition from depth data. Contains various challenges of Pose, Clutter, Occlusion and similar looking objects (Bonde, U., Badrinarayanan, V....

detection, instance, depth, pose

MIT Car dataset

CBCL Car Database


MIT Street dataset

CBCL Street Database