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We use the following representation to collect the dataset age - age bp - blood pressure sg - specific gravity al ...

multivariate, classification


- The leaves were placed on a white background and then photographed. - The pictures were taken in broad daylight to ensure optimum light intensity.

multivariate, classification, clustering

News Aggregator

News are grouped into clusters that represent pages discussing the same news story. The dataset includes also references to web pages that, at the acce...

multivariate, classification, clustering

Facebook Comment Volume Dat...

The Dataset is uploaded in ZIP format. The dataset contains 5 variants of the dataset, for the details about the variants and detailed analysis read and...

regression, multivariate


52 columns for 52 weeks; normalised values of provided too.

time-series, multivariate, clustering

Google Audioset

AudioSet consists of an expanding ontology of 632 audio event classes and a collection of 2,084,320 human-labeled 10-second sound clips drawn from YouTu...

google, vehicle, music, speech