The database of nude and non-nude videos contains a collection of 179 video segments collected from the following movies: Alpha Dog, Basic Instinct, Before The Devil Knows You are Dead, Cashback, Eros, Les Anges Exterminateurs, Loner, Original Sin, Primer, Striptease and The Bubble. For nude samples, longer sequences were partitioned into shorter ones. The sequences for the non-nude class were collected by randomly selecting the initial time and length. Random selections which felt inside a nude scene were discarded. Those random selections were performed on the same movies above listed for the nude class. If you make use of our database, please cite the following reference: LOPES, Ana; AVILA, Sandra; PEIXOTO, A.; OLIVEIRA, Rodrigo; COELHO, Marcelo ; ARAJO, Arnaldo.. Nude Detection in Video using Bag-of-Visual-Features. In: 22th Brazilian Symposium on Computer Graphics and Image (SIBGRAPI), Rio de Janeiro, RJ, 2009.

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