The Zurich Summer v1.0 dataset is a collection of 20 chips (crops), taken from a QuickBird acquisition of the city of Zurich (Switzerland) in August 2002. QuickBird images are composed by 4 channels (NIR-R-G-B) and were pansharpened to the PAN resolution of about 0.62 cm GSD. We manually annotated 8 different urban and periurban classes : Roads, Buildings, Trees, Grass, Bare Soil, Water, Railways and Swimming pools. The cumulative number of class samples is highly unbalanced, to reflect real world situations. Note that annotations are not perfect, are not ultradense (not every pixel is annotated) and there might be some errors as well. We performed annotations by jointly selecting superpixels (SLIC) and drawing (freehand) over regions which we could confidently assign an object class.

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